1、 What qualities do Heroes have?

Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rare, Epic, Supreme and Mythical.

2、 How to get a Hero:

1)Orbs can summon Green, Blue, Purple or Yellow Heroes. Diamonds can summon Purple, Yellow, Orange or Red Heroes.

2)2) Merge 5 low-quality Heroes into 1 high-quality Hero. For example: Merge 5 Green Heroes into 1 Blue Hero, up to Red Heroes.

3、 Upgrade Hero

1)Upgrade and enhance Gear to gain basic stats.
2) Promotion can improve Heroes’ power.

4、 Formation

Assign the front-row, mid-row and back-row Heroes properly to help you win the game. Usually, the front-row is for Tank, the mid-row is for DPS, and the back-row is for Support. A team can assign up to 3 Heroes of the same type.

5、 Hero Bond

There are Bonds between Heroes as well as Heroes and Gear. Make good use of Bonds to improve stats.


6. What qualities does Gear have?

Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rare, Epic and Supreme. Equip a whole set to gain the set bonus.

7. How to get Gear?

1) Orbs can summon Green, Blue, Purple or Yellow gear. Diamonds can summon Purple, Yellow, Orange or Red gear.

2) 5 low-quality Gear can craft 1 high-quality Gear.

8. Enhance Gear

Follow these steps to use gold to enhance a Hero’s Gear quickly: Hero → Gear Master → Enhancement Master → Quick Enhance


9. Main Dungeon

Defeat two waves of minions to challenge the main stage. Each main stage has 5 stages, the last stage is the Boss. Clear the main stage to get gold, EXP, Hero chests, Gear chests and Emblem shards. The harder stages have better rewards.

10. Arena

Tap Tournament → Arena to challenge players. Win the battle to claim Honor to exchange for items in the Arena Store. Each character has 5 challenge chances every day.

11. Demon Invasion

Each round has 100 bosses. The event lasts for 2 days. Players need to defeat the bosses in order. Each challenge will reward with 100 Merit. The reward depends on ranking and total damage.

12. World Boss

The world boss appears daily at 12:30 and 20:00, and lasts for 15 minutes. Challenge the world boss to get Demon Souls to exchange for items in the Demon Soul Shop. When the world boss is defeated, all the participants can claim rewards within 2 hours. The top 10 players who have dealt the most damage to the boss will get additional ranking rewards.

13. Golden Route

Every day, a player can sail 3 times and loot other players 5 times. Each player can be looted up to 3 times. Sailing from 11:00 to 13:00, 23:00 to 1:00 can get double rewards, excluding the chest rewards.

14. Wild Boss

Wild bosses refresh every 30 minutes from 8:00 to 2:00 the next day. Wild bosses will escape in 10 minutes after refresh. Defeat a Wild Boss to get its ownership. After a boss is defeated, other players can defeat the player who has the ownership to become the new owner. After a player keeps the ownership for 3 minutes, the boss will be automatically defeated.

15. Guild

Complete daily quests to earn activity as well as guild EXP. Donate to earn guild EXP. Upgrade the guild level to contain more members to get more rewards.

16. Guild Donation

Each player can only donate once per day. When the donation progress meets the requirements, all the members in the guild can claim the donation chest. Donation progress reset at 0:00 every Monday.

17. Hero Altar

Each player can only assign one hero. Collect the required five heroes with guild members to get rewards. Rewards will be mailed to players. Each player can only get the rewards once every 8 hours.

18. Guild Dungeon

Each player has 10 challenge chances every day. Challenge chances reset at 0:00 everyday. Challenge tougher stages to earn more guild contribution. Whenever a stage is cleared, all the guild members can open the chest.